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Chillow Cooling Pillow Pad Sleeping Therapy

Chillow Cooling Pillow Pad Sleeping Therapy

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The Chillow is designed to give you a superb nights sleep by providing a both comfortable and cooling surface for you to rest your head. The Chillow maintains a temperature below your body temperature. Water continuously circulates within the inner chamber, the pad absorbs heat from your body and releases it into the air around you. Chillow is made with medical grade materials to ensure safety and durability. The foam core ensures the pillow pad remains soft, comfortable, and flexible. Use the Chillow pillow on your bed pillows, furniture, or anywhere you need a cool place to rest. Cloth flocking on the back of the pad keeps the Chillow in place, so even sleepers who change positions frequently will always find the cool spot. 


IngredientsChillow Cooling Pillow Pad Sleeping Therapy

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