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Furniture Moving Rope Carrying Belt

Furniture Moving Rope Carrying Belt

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Furniture  Moving Rope Carrying Belt 

Large Furniture, Large Appliances, Heavy Objects Mobile Moving Belt Moving Rope Carrying Belt

Product Length: 2.72 meters
Product Width: 4.5cm (in-kind)
Color box packaging: 12.5X12X6
Net weight: 143 grams
Gross weight: 180 grams
Color: Orange
Large appliances:  electrical appliances usually move the big thing.
Prevent accidents: The benefits of this product is to prevent these accidents.
The two cooperation: This kind of cross-shaped belt needs two people to use, according to the length of furniture,
Usage: wrapped in the arm wrapped around the ends, you can safely move such as refrigerators, large screen color TV and other valuables,
The trouble of moving heavy objects:
1. We all know that the refrigerator can not be over-tilt in the move, large-screen TV and the like can not be a little bump,
2. So even if the presence of 35 individuals, the operation is also very difficult, and difficult to protect, so in this case, the furniture handling belt can play a power.
3. Because the heavy or heavy items will accidentally slip from the hands on the ground it is easy to break things and even hurt themselves.
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